This talk given by Tilak at Enlivened Living 2015 in Denver on October 10, and is presented here for your viewing pleasure. In this talk Tilak introduces how we can come out of our unworthiness that holds us from our creativity and manifesting excellence in living.

This is an introductory talk that invites you to leave behind your past and experience your true essence in making your life in true excellence and brilliance as a journey of adventure and pure wonder.



TilakBorn in Sri Lanka with a rare energy and sensitivity, Tilak has displayed an incredible ability to transform people’s lives and bring them into a higher state of wakefulness through his presence and connection to the flow. A team of doctors visited Tilak in Sri Lanka, in the early 1970s, and soon after asked him to come to the United States. A few years later, in the mid 70s, Dr. Stan Grof invited him to the Esalen Institute to share his presence and abilities in healing and transformation. Tilak’s unique art of creating emotional ventilation and his wild wisdom has touched the hearts of thousands of people in the last 50 years. Tilak’s distinct ways of “creating openings” and unleashing energy continues to affect many through healing and spontaneous fascination.

Tilak’s work is not for everyone; it is for those that are ready to embark on an adventure. Working with Tilak is like emotional scuba diving that unleashes your true potential and fascination for life that has been lying dormant due to fear and doubt. Life is a celebration for your arrival here on the Planet Earth. Life loves you and if you love life unconditionally, having no interference, it will bring you a pleasant surprise.