TilakTilak is available in many ways for people to interact with him and experience his energy and wisdom. One of the ways to experience Tilak is through a personal session.

A session may last 15 minutes to 30 minutes or more. A person who wants to experience a greater excellence in life meets with Tilak, and he takes him or her into a different awareness or experience. During a session, the person may be seated or lying down. Tilak creates what is called “an opening” through the vibration of his fingertips and his breath that opens a very powerful physical, energetic sensation in the person.

In a session, you may experience an incredible lightness of being. And it is not only the sensation of pure wonder, but afterwards you will find some of the ways you have held back your spontaneity in life for whatever reason—emotional blocks, past patterns or energies—can disappear and evaporate out of your heart spectrum, bringing you into a very quick, immediate sense of awakening, energy and fascination.

This is one of the ways Tilak works, not by catharsis or insight or by giving very specific rules, but by bringing you into a space of pure delight, a deep, sacred space of incredible sweetness. Tilak likes to use a metaphor to describe this experience: It is as if you are being dipped like a strawberry into chocolate sauce. In the same way, no matter what your depression or fears and anxieties are, if you are dipped into a sacred space, it will naturally dissolve those feelings, and you will experience what Tilak calls an emotional ventilation and a spontaneous combustion that will go through your body.

tilakMany people have described an almost instantaneous surge of energy, a physical, mental and emotional opening that made them experience their lives in a quantum change, allowing them to feel pure wonder in their own space and brilliance.

Many people have even reported spontaneous emotional or physical healing as a by-product of a session. A session creates new energy, not energy based on what you already have, but new energy that can activate your Heart Drive and Heart Trust and bring you into a space of unconditional wonder with life.

In addition to simple sessions, Tilak also gives advanced sessions and intensives. You may be ready for his advanced offerings if you want to go beyond living in a survival mode and embark a great adventure of discovering new spaces and new wisdom in your heart.”

Session fees start at $300.

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