A novel by co-authors Tilak Fernando and Thomas Umholtz Jr, “The Winning Zone: A Story of Adventure”, In this story of adventure, two old friends meet on a flight to Las Vegas and reconnect. They talk about the excitement they might have while there. After the flight, the two are separated and both go on a common unintended path with the same mysterious man. Patterns and mysteries of life are revealed to both on a a surprising journey that gives a whole new meaning to what happens in Vegas.

Available in Hardback and Kindle e-book.


In the debut science fiction novel by co-authors Tilak Fernando and Ed Stroupe, “Signaling: A Message from the Future” (published by Archway Publishing), an accidental time traveler ends up stranded in the 21st century; her presence may change the course of humanity’s future. 

In the year 4544, a confluence of events shatters a spacecraft in the outer reaches of the solar system, hurling its lone commander, Samantha Hunter, through time and space deep into the past.

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle e-book.


Comprised of a series of talks by Tilak, which have been transcribed and minimally edited for the enjoyment and enrichment of the reader, this volume of selected essays is for people who want to express what they feel without fear of being harassed by their own minds. It is also not about deep concepts of psychopathology, psychodynamics or a method to produce deep insights into your psyche, nor about neurosis, psychotherapy, or personal development. However, you will be shown, in a simple and common-sense way, how your mind jerks you around and more importantly, how to transform this cycle into an ongoing experience of great joy and pleasure.

Available in Paperback, and Kindle e-book.


Fires of Innocence is a compilation of talks given by motivational speaker and life coach, Tilak Fernando. In this book, Tilak teaches you how to identify self created mental barriers and how to break them in order to improve your life and be the best version of yourself.  Fires of Innocence is truly a wakeup call for you to experience the beauty and fascination occurring right now in your life. 

Available in Paperback, and Kindle e-book.

Secret of Manifestation

Secret of Manifestation is a series of short talks in which Tilak Fernando talks on different topics which teach you how to be at ease and enjoy new breeze of thoughts, feelings and sensing to experience the pure wonder in heart.

Flashes of Brilliance

Tilak Fernando talks on different topics which helps you unleash your true potential and fascination for life in a series of short talks named “Flashes of Brilliance”.

Say Yes to Life

Tilak Fernando talks on various topics that take you an emotional scuba diving unleashing your true potential and fascination for life that has been lying dormant due to fear and doubt and brings you a pleasant surprise.