SIGNALING: A Message From the Future

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In the debut science fiction novel by co-authors Tilak Fernando and Ed Stroupe, “Signaling: A Message from the Future” (published by Archway Publishing), an accidental time traveler ends up stranded in the 21st century; her presence may change the course of humanity’s future.

In the year 4544, a confluence of events shatters a spacecraft in the outer reaches of the solar system, hurling its lone commander, Samantha Hunter, through time and space deep into the past.

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Signaling: A Message from the Future.



Breaking Reality and Other Explorations in Consciousness

breaking-realityComprised of a series of talks by Tilak, which have been transcribed and minimally edited for the enjoyment and enrichment of the reader, this volume of selected essays is for people who want to express what they feel without fear of being harassed by their own minds. It is also not about deep concepts of psychopathology, psychodynamics or a method to produce deep insights into your psyche, nor about neurosis, psychotherapy, or personal development. However, you will be shown, in a simple and common-sense way, how your mind jerks you around and more importantly, how to transform this cycle into an ongoing experience of great joy and pleasure.

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Tilak’s DVDs


nothingistoogoodtobetrueaNothing is Too Good to be True
$19.99 26 minutes

The impossible is possible and you can create a turning point in your life today, and have a password called Nothing is too Good to be True. In order to do this, Tilak shows the distortions and the distractions that make us fearful about the flow of life. We can turn them around and rise into a freedom and brilliance that is so powerful, it is almost like a plane ascending from the zero point.

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power of manifestation coverThe Power of Manifestation
$24.99 50 minutes

We have the power of manifestation embedded in our human bodies as the ability to create life by giving birth. If we can create life as a human being, we can create anything. All high-tech inventions are nothing compared to the fact that with our bodies we can create life. Throughout our lives, we are designing, creating, and manifesting an incredible variety of forms and discovering formless intelligence that adds to our vast ever-expanding knowledge.

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impossibleispossibleaThe Impossible is Possible
$14.99 16 minutes

In this powerful, adventurous talk, Tilak invites you to see that life is indeed an invitation to have a good time. And he explains why it is an adventure, why it is a romance and why it is an incredible game, allowing you to exercise your emotions and brilliance to discover, to reveal and finally to enter into a vanishing point that you never thought existed in your imagination or real life.

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dvd coverCutting Through Mind Matter
$22.99 34 minutes

One of the most important things for us is the ability to focus, and the ability to focus gets interrupted by what is called mind matter. Mind matter is the series of unnecessary thought patterns that are coming out of our inner dialogues and that try to tell and resist what we are trying to do by creating doubt and fear. So, cutting through mind matter works by your ability to see, through fascination and trust, that allows you to experience and recognize wonder, pure love, pure light as true impacts on your life that appears on the screen of your heart.

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bodhi leavesThe Secret of Imperfection
$19.99 27 minutes

Life is made out of three particular waves that bring us goodness, worry, or fear. These waves are imperfection, impermanence, and unpredictability. They are neither good nor bad, but are truly wakeup calls. If we see through these waves and do not react, we can experience the power of ascendance. Then we can experience another world that exists here with us right now. We will be able to experience life without fear and to love without fear.

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bluewavesThe Flow
$19.99 27 minutes

The flow is the most essential part of our realization. If you can connect with the flow, you can connect into the current of life. If you can connect to the current of the force of life, the current of the force of love, then you are having an incredible moment, unconditionally, right now.

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silhouette figureThe Power of Being You
$14.99 20 minutes

There is a tremendous power within you like a volcano ready to erupt, waiting for a signal that comes from your heart. This talk will help you to get in touch with your presence and heart trust, to see without fear and unworthiness, and will allow you to recognize the path of liberation that leads to your well-being.

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rainbow heartHeart Spectrum
$14.99 15 minutes

Heart Spectrum allows you to know that you can see the beauty and fascination that is happening in front of you right now. Any moment in your life, see life as light. See life in the fascination of light. See life in the fascination of pure wonder, and it will change your whole energy!

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tilak logoUnworthiness: Intelligence in Disguise
$24.99 50 minutes

Unworthiness is not your enemy, but it is an entrance of a tunnel which can take you from darkness to light. Unworthiness actually says that is too good to be true for you to have a good life in this lifetime. But it is not true because unworthiness is only a shadow. Unworthiness is the shadow of the doubt and the fears we contain as a natural response to imperfection of life. But if we can go through it like a tunnel we come outside as brilliance and light.

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tilak logo010 Mind Matter Maya
$24.99 58 minutes

There are three things that exist, Mind which is actually our ability to think and feel and our connection to our consciousness. Matter is everything that is in a form called energy. Maya is the illusions that are around us, within us that invite us to cut through and find the very nature of this mystery called infinity. So, they are all connected to each other and finding that connection from Mind into the Matter will lead us into the true nature of the mystery of life, which is; it happened to be you who is you is the entrance to the great infinity inside and around you.

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tilak logoThe Mystical Presentation of the Elements: Invitation for Discovery 
$ 14.99 15 minutes

Life is a magic and a mystery. One of the ways this mystery happens is through what we call the forces of the elements that are circulating around you. The earth, water, fire, air and space has elements, but what actually enters within us is not the energy of the earth, fire or water but the essential chemistry of them that enters us by our fascination, by our recognition, by our realization as humility, trust and transparency that can change our life forever.

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 Tilak LogoThe Power of Giving: Busting the Sense & Nonsense of Mind Chatter
$14.99 13 minutes

The nature of our human love is everything we do or everything we give, like when we love somebody or we do something precious for someone else, we expect something in return. You don’t love somebody if the lover does not return something back to you. But if you can truly give anything without any expectation of return, a pleasant surprise will return to you that will delight your heart through intelligence by the very nature of life.

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buddha statueLife is Good: The Nature of Intention
$12.99 15 minutes

In this incredible talk, Tilak takes you on a journey to realize, most of the time, why we feel depressed or agitated or unclear is because we have created, around us, some kind of wall or walls for a state of defense. These barriers are making us suffocate, stuffy, heavy and serious. Tilak is leading you to identify what these walls are and how to break them, so you can inhale the freshness of life and ascend into freedom and unconditional love.

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